Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Rooftop League

I'd love to write a huge amount about this but i am back in my home town visiting the family this weekend and have to go take this guy on his morning walk, Lester The Super Dog. He is an amazing poochy and i miss him when i am in Cardiff :(

DC comics were running a monthly webcomic competition up until a few months ago ( where writers and artists would submit their comic ideas. 10 competitors each month would submit the first 8 pages of their comic and the public would vote for the winner who would get $1000 and a year long publihing deal.

There were tons of great comics and ideas (as well as some not so great) and i was going to give it a bash. My comic was called 'The Rooftop League' which was and idea i've had since i was about 13 or 14. It's basically inspired by games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Timesplitters, etc. A load of crazy characters just fighting for sport but they could use power ups and so on, and all this took place on the rooftops of a ficitonal city.

Anyways, above is my first and only draft of what i was going to enter before uni got ontop of me and then the competion shut down. I am gonna admit that it was a rush job because i was so eager to get the comic up on the site so in a way i am glad it never happened because this wuld have been torn apart on the forums!! I was have scripting it and half sketching it out with markers at the same time which was a fun way to work! Anyways, i'd love to spend a lot more time developing this, perhaps with some friends to get even more nutty ideas and characters in there and hopefully one day in the future make something of it.
All of this was done last Christmas, by the way.
Note: for any horrific spelling mistakes, my keyboard (and entire laptop) is on the fritz, big time. Eg, i tried to type the word 'amazing' earlier and it came out 'amg'.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Messing around on lunch break

I can only use photoshop at work at the moment because my laptop is poop so i am really rusty with it again. This was just me scribbling until i got bored. Should have a new comp soon so will be able to do hell of a lot more at home.

I'll be doing a biggish post soon about my Zuda comic entry which was never completed, mainly because ZUDA GOT SHUT DOWN!!! But I did do quite a bit of stuff with it so why not show it!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I'll be back to write about this later!

EDIT: I have time to write about this now! The webcomic is going brilliantly! Bryony and i have been working hard on it and we have had a lot of great feedback and comments so thanks guys! I take care of the writing and lettering chores aswell as ocasionally helping out with page layout and character/logo designs.

I've come up with some new characters/ideas/plot points recently anyway and here is a quick INITIAL!!!! sketch i managed to do of one at work yesterday. None of this will be occuring until much later on down the story line, but it pays to be prepared!