Friday, 25 December 2009


Merry Christmas y'all. Hope your day was as good as mine. Had a great time with the family, visiting grandparents, my aunty and uncle, huge tasty dinner and then loads of cool presents. I managed to do some sketching at my aunty and uncle's place but i am sans scanner at the moment, so i cant post those. They were mainly designs and page layouts for my Zuda entry. I've been working on the script for that too. Here's some random bits and bobs:

The cover to a graphic novel i had for Christmas. I've started it and it's really cool, sucked me right in. Burns' inks are really heavy and solid which adds several creep-points to an already creepy tale.
This is me havin a two or three minute try of a WACOM Cintique!!!! One of my class mates, Nathan, got the 24" one as an early Christmas present (lucky sod) and was kind enough to let me have a bash. It was amazing!!!! I know what i drew isn't great (i'll use the fact that i didn't want to hog up Nath's working time as an excuse) but it felt amazing. I found i had more control and worked faster. I have a holiday i need to pay for and when thats done, i am saving for one of these bad boys. But i'm crap with money, so owning one will probably forever remain a dream.......sigh.....

This is something i started a little while ago but never finished. I remember watching all the Hellboys (live action and animated) with a few mates one night and this is one of the doodles i did whilst watching. I just found it randomly today and thought i'd chuck it up. I'll probably not go back to finnish it as i find it hard going back to an image after a long period of time.

And this is an early doodle of the Lovebot from my third year film.
So, for those of you i haven't already wished, Merry Christmas. I'm going to go watch some films and draw.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Theo Colour Tests

Here are two colour tests i whipped up quickly tonight (or this morning, it's 2:10am). Neither of them are great but i was just trying to quickly establish what sort of direction i want to go in with the colour. The one at the top was done in photoshop and the one at the bottom in flash. For some reason the tablet and sensitivity was playing up whilst i was doing the flash one and at the begininning of the photoshop one, but i persisted. I prefer the one in photoshop, but i am going to give things another go in flash (hopefully it'll work correctly this time) and another go in photoshop too, this time laying some flat colours first. I am also going to try doing the line work in flash and then colour in photoshop to see how that looks.
I am really tired now so, night night.

Above are the (pretty much) final designs of the two main characters for the ZUDA ( ) entry i'm working on. It'd be nice to put it in for the January competition but i'm in no major hurry, so it'll probably be entered for the February one. For those of you that don't know what ZUDA is, check out the link above.
More as it comes....

RTL Sketches

Some sketches from a few pages of my sketchbook. Took me longer cleaning these scans up than it did for me to actually draw them! Playing around with shapes within these two characters. Click on the image to see it larger. More to come...


She fell asleep on me, so I drew her. MWA HA HA HAAAAA!