Friday, 25 December 2009


Merry Christmas y'all. Hope your day was as good as mine. Had a great time with the family, visiting grandparents, my aunty and uncle, huge tasty dinner and then loads of cool presents. I managed to do some sketching at my aunty and uncle's place but i am sans scanner at the moment, so i cant post those. They were mainly designs and page layouts for my Zuda entry. I've been working on the script for that too. Here's some random bits and bobs:

The cover to a graphic novel i had for Christmas. I've started it and it's really cool, sucked me right in. Burns' inks are really heavy and solid which adds several creep-points to an already creepy tale.
This is me havin a two or three minute try of a WACOM Cintique!!!! One of my class mates, Nathan, got the 24" one as an early Christmas present (lucky sod) and was kind enough to let me have a bash. It was amazing!!!! I know what i drew isn't great (i'll use the fact that i didn't want to hog up Nath's working time as an excuse) but it felt amazing. I found i had more control and worked faster. I have a holiday i need to pay for and when thats done, i am saving for one of these bad boys. But i'm crap with money, so owning one will probably forever remain a dream.......sigh.....

This is something i started a little while ago but never finished. I remember watching all the Hellboys (live action and animated) with a few mates one night and this is one of the doodles i did whilst watching. I just found it randomly today and thought i'd chuck it up. I'll probably not go back to finnish it as i find it hard going back to an image after a long period of time.

And this is an early doodle of the Lovebot from my third year film.
So, for those of you i haven't already wished, Merry Christmas. I'm going to go watch some films and draw.

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