Monday, 11 January 2010

The Woods and Captain Sapien

Uni has started back and i'm kind of off to a slow start, though i've finally gotten a new Wacom tablet (the Intuos 4, A5 size) and it is amazing! It was a late Christmas gift from my parents and it already seems to be making a difference to my work. Above is a background study for my film and below is something i just did today for a break from uni work. Hopefully i'll be updating more often now i'm back on the case in uni.

On a second glance at the last picture, i realise i didn't do as much to his face as i wanted to. His eye brow is a bit shabby and there were some tribal markings i wanted to put on him along with medals and stripes on his chest. I'll get back to it after i've done some more background work.

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