Friday, 29 January 2010

Final Colour Card Backgrounds

These are some of my final(ish) colour card backgrounds (bg). Basically these bgs come from the shots in my storyboards where the camera is pretty close on the character and there is no need for an uber detailed bg. On my film last year these were just solid colours with slight gradients over them. This time around i am going for a more abstract feel and am playing around alot with textures and collage looks. I've also inserted suggestive images to match the type of area the character's are in, in this case it's the leaves to represent a forest. My favourite is the third one down. Not to happy with the first so i'm going to change it when i have a spare moment, make it a little more orangey. The last one is a bit plainer because in the shot, a character is juggling and i figured that would be enough for the viewers eyes to take in as it is.

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