Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Save The Phantom Sword! Please!

Hey all. Look at this robot guy i painted! The new tablet is still being ace! This is my warm up painting i did this morning and added too on breaks from actual work through out the day. I pretty chuffed with it and really want to fine tune it, so i will do on my breaks tomorrow to make him nice and shiny.

Speaking of fine tuning, i added the medals and tribal markings to that weird alien captain guy i uploaded yesterday but it didn't look much better. It's a pretty poor painting as it is, but tomorrow i may try and rework his hand altogether, elimante the black lines and just add mor detail to try and make it look more painterly.

Now then, onto real reason for this post. Above is a page from one of this months Zuda Comics entries, The Phantom Sword. It was second in this months ranks but has dropped to third. It needs to be number one! It must win! It's brilliant and i want to keep reading it for as long as i can. So i am begging everyone that reads this to sign up and give it your vote, pleeeeease! It's a great site anyways, full of amazing and free comics of all different genres to read. Y'all might aswell sign up now and vote for this because i'll only be bugging you to do it when i enter the competition myself next month. Do it! www.zudacomics.com . I'll be checking on you all, even my Mam and Dad and family.
'til next time!

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