Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's a Sunday and i am Sleeeepy

Howdy y'all. Above are some colour scripts/studies/whatever the hell you wanna call them for my film. I did these real quick today to help me with my finals backgrounds which i completed 3 out of the 4 i had scheduled to be completed today. I'm going to blame the one unfinished one on the fact that it's a Sunday and my body and brain are confused as to why i am making them work on the day of the week that is normally spent doing next to nothing and on the fact that i haven't used Adobe Illustrator since i made my second year film, 'Nunzilla'. Anyways you can see the final backgrounds in the film when it's complete! In the meantime, enjoy the scribbles above.
P.S. I have been working on that blue robot thing i posted the other day, it's looking a bit cooler and more polished, i need to do more to it so i'll post it when it's done rather than posting it in dribs and drabs.


  1. awesome dan love the colour scripts show thought patterns as to how to tell the story, good film making in progress

  2. Cheers broham! The actual final backgrounds are proving to be a right pain though.