Saturday, 23 January 2010

Complete(ish) Colour Script

Hurrah! My colour scripts are done! Now the people i've got helping me with my backgrounds and I can crack on with the backgrounds. I'd like to get as much background work as possible done within the following week because i have one weeks work experience starting from the 1st of February with a studio in Bristol called A Productions. I'm really excited about that but kind of nervous too. I don't have the best of luck and i'm worried i'll end up doing something horribly wrong and get black balled from the entire industry! Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

It's been a very busy week and they're only going to get busier so it looks like i'm not going to have as much time to work on my ZUDA entry as i'd like so i'll probably have to enter it in the March competition. I've got to prioritise and put my education first so i'll work on it when i can rather than rushing it. The competition will always be there.

I've rambled enough.

'til next time!

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