Friday, 29 January 2010

More Detailed Final Backgrounds

Here are some more detailed and finalised backgrounds. Beneath each one is the rough layouts/colour keys i worked from. They were tough, but great fun to paint. I feel like more needs to be done to the first to make it fit with the second. These are from two consecutive shots.

Final Colour Card Backgrounds

These are some of my final(ish) colour card backgrounds (bg). Basically these bgs come from the shots in my storyboards where the camera is pretty close on the character and there is no need for an uber detailed bg. On my film last year these were just solid colours with slight gradients over them. This time around i am going for a more abstract feel and am playing around alot with textures and collage looks. I've also inserted suggestive images to match the type of area the character's are in, in this case it's the leaves to represent a forest. My favourite is the third one down. Not to happy with the first so i'm going to change it when i have a spare moment, make it a little more orangey. The last one is a bit plainer because in the shot, a character is juggling and i figured that would be enough for the viewers eyes to take in as it is.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Complete(ish) Colour Script

Hurrah! My colour scripts are done! Now the people i've got helping me with my backgrounds and I can crack on with the backgrounds. I'd like to get as much background work as possible done within the following week because i have one weeks work experience starting from the 1st of February with a studio in Bristol called A Productions. I'm really excited about that but kind of nervous too. I don't have the best of luck and i'm worried i'll end up doing something horribly wrong and get black balled from the entire industry! Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

It's been a very busy week and they're only going to get busier so it looks like i'm not going to have as much time to work on my ZUDA entry as i'd like so i'll probably have to enter it in the March competition. I've got to prioritise and put my education first so i'll work on it when i can rather than rushing it. The competition will always be there.

I've rambled enough.

'til next time!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Thar thee go, Mathew. Arrr!

Remember the Robots?........(oh, and my Zuda Entry)

Hey guys, i've been uber busy on colour keys and colour scripts for the backgrounds in my film and they are getting really boring after doing 40 of them. Only 28 left to go *sigh*. Anyways, i thought i'd post some thing not university related.

As you can see above, i have begun work on the final pages of my Zuda Comics entry. I started today and there is still alot of work to be done on it, but i just thought i'd show what i've got so far. Below is my rough layout. I changed the really lame pose in the first panel to something that i think works and reads so much better.

I don't want to talk too much about what the story is about until it's complete but hopefully it will be finished and submitted within a week or so to be considered for next month's competition. Fingers crossed.
In the meantime, why not go and sign up for a Zuda account ready to vote for moi if i do get in? :D I've already made Liz sign up! There are quite a lot of good entries this month. Go there and vote for Phantom Sword! That's where my vote went! Also check out the comic's artist, Nick Edwards. He's amazing, and a year younger than me, damn it! His website is Do NOT putt www. before it.

And lastly, i've been working on that robot painting i uploaded a few posts back. It's changed loads and i'm quite proud of it, but i won't be fully proud until i've finished it. Polishing it off is proving to be really difficult though.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Amy Stuff

Howdy Amy, there's the two colour key/layout things. Remember on thew one with the factory that the hills closest to us and the billboard need to be on seperate layers so i can move them about when i animate the shot. They're 1024 x 576 pixels. And that black spoldge is the brush.
Drop me a line if you have any q's.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's a Sunday and i am Sleeeepy

Howdy y'all. Above are some colour scripts/studies/whatever the hell you wanna call them for my film. I did these real quick today to help me with my finals backgrounds which i completed 3 out of the 4 i had scheduled to be completed today. I'm going to blame the one unfinished one on the fact that it's a Sunday and my body and brain are confused as to why i am making them work on the day of the week that is normally spent doing next to nothing and on the fact that i haven't used Adobe Illustrator since i made my second year film, 'Nunzilla'. Anyways you can see the final backgrounds in the film when it's complete! In the meantime, enjoy the scribbles above.
P.S. I have been working on that blue robot thing i posted the other day, it's looking a bit cooler and more polished, i need to do more to it so i'll post it when it's done rather than posting it in dribs and drabs.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Save The Phantom Sword! Please!

Hey all. Look at this robot guy i painted! The new tablet is still being ace! This is my warm up painting i did this morning and added too on breaks from actual work through out the day. I pretty chuffed with it and really want to fine tune it, so i will do on my breaks tomorrow to make him nice and shiny.

Speaking of fine tuning, i added the medals and tribal markings to that weird alien captain guy i uploaded yesterday but it didn't look much better. It's a pretty poor painting as it is, but tomorrow i may try and rework his hand altogether, elimante the black lines and just add mor detail to try and make it look more painterly.

Now then, onto real reason for this post. Above is a page from one of this months Zuda Comics entries, The Phantom Sword. It was second in this months ranks but has dropped to third. It needs to be number one! It must win! It's brilliant and i want to keep reading it for as long as i can. So i am begging everyone that reads this to sign up and give it your vote, pleeeeease! It's a great site anyways, full of amazing and free comics of all different genres to read. Y'all might aswell sign up now and vote for this because i'll only be bugging you to do it when i enter the competition myself next month. Do it! . I'll be checking on you all, even my Mam and Dad and family.
'til next time!

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Woods and Captain Sapien

Uni has started back and i'm kind of off to a slow start, though i've finally gotten a new Wacom tablet (the Intuos 4, A5 size) and it is amazing! It was a late Christmas gift from my parents and it already seems to be making a difference to my work. Above is a background study for my film and below is something i just did today for a break from uni work. Hopefully i'll be updating more often now i'm back on the case in uni.

On a second glance at the last picture, i realise i didn't do as much to his face as i wanted to. His eye brow is a bit shabby and there were some tribal markings i wanted to put on him along with medals and stripes on his chest. I'll get back to it after i've done some more background work.