Saturday, 17 October 2009

Let Me Flash You

Howdy all. Was busy this week at uni. For the last three weeks we've been messing around with Flash. I've used it before, to make my second year film, Nunzilla, but i was sort of learning it 'on the fly' back then. This time i've had a chance to actually sit down and explore more of the programs tools and what not and it's given me quite alot of ideas for my third year film which is really cool. Anyways, below are two little short things i did for the project. I hate recording and making sounds for films, i usually prefer someone else to do that, but in this case i had no choice, so they sound uber bad.

This project wasn't so much about the animation itself but more about exploring what flash can do. In the second vid i was pushing textures and masks. In the next post i'll probably put up my second year film, Nunzilla.

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