Monday, 10 May 2010

I.L.I.A.R: Warrick concept

Hey guys! You may have heard me mention a web comic i'm working on, i posted a teaser image for it a few posts back. It's called 'I Live In a Robot'. A preview page of it is going to be included in a fund raising comic/art anthology a friend and I are putting together to raise money for Glamorgan University's showcase of our work; The Glammies 2010!

I haven't been able to do too much on the comic, my film obviously has priority over it. But when that's been handed in on May 21st, it's full steam ahead on I.L.I.A.R! I'm really excited about it. Here is a concept of one of the characters. I planned to do the whole thing black and white to produce pages faster, but doing the rough colours on this design was fun, so i may reconsider!
Hope you're all ok!

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  1. cool as fudge, noice work. i love your style man!