Friday, 12 February 2010

Animatic frustration!!!!

I am currently re-working my animatic. Over the last two weeks i have gotten some great advice from people in the industry and they're all saying the same thing; to make things as tight as possible. So i am trimming where i can on my animatic to make my film shorter, but the story is far more in depth than Nunzilla (my second year film) and i am trying not to lose that depth. I am taking away, but then i am adding new little shots to make everything clearer. It's driving me nuts! I'm at the end of my teather. If anyone can offer any advice, please do.


  1. It's not just about cutting scenes out. You can always make existing scenes shorter but you also have to have an overview about the whole pacing of the film. That's the tricky bit.
    Just dont bother having a 1 minute title seq with the sound of wind. I hate that and see it all the time. It just screams pretentious and is filler. Less is more. Dont forget to send me your animatic. =)

  2. Hey Jane. Tried to send animatic last night but it needs to be compressed so i'll try and get it done today.