Thursday, 11 February 2010

I got sunshine in a bag...

Howdy gang. I haven't been posting as much as i'd like to lately mainly because I HAVE NO TIME! I've had a bit of time away from my film and now i am playing catch up. Last week i spent five days on work experience at A Productions in Bristol and had a really great time. I was the illest i've been in a long time for the entire time i was there but it was still brilliant to see people in the flesh working in the field i'm studying. Up until then it was a mere myth to me! I went into uni over the weekend that followed then trying to catch up but i just seemed to get sicker and had to take tuesday morning off to try and get better ready to go to London the next day! Hurrah!
The trip to London yesterday, pardon my french, blew my f***ing mind. It was a long day but an amazing one. We drove up on a mini coach, visited Blue Zoo, Passion Pictures, Double Negative and Cinesite and then drove back the same day. I would like to go into detail on all of them but have no time at the mo, so i'll just mention my favourite. Passion Pictures is where i want to be at some point, it was brilliant there. Similar to another favourite of mine, Studio AKA, they seem to be open to working in many different ways, creating new and exciting work (check there website . Be sure to hyphonate it! You've been warned). Whilst i was there i did bear witness to some behind the scenes/making of stuff of a certain cartoon band's new music video and animated shorts. I'm a big fan of the band and i can't really say what i saw because they made us swear we wouldn't, but what i did see looked super-duper cool! It's the Gorillaz!

I'm rambling. After a long long day in uni today i am almost back on track and schedule with my film. I do have some concept art stuff i am doing for A Productions but it is having to take a back seat at the moment as uni comes first. Above is a cruddy 1 or 2 minute doodle. Below is something from a wee project i started last November which i have been adding little bits to as i go and is kind of merging with another idea i have which is very exciting. It began as semi-autobiographical and this a comic sketch i did on the day i first read manga. It's probably funny to no one other than me and my mate, John. There are probably lots of other things i wanted to say but have forgotten as it's 2.15 AM and i didn't want this to turn into a massive boring post, but hey, look what happened....

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