Saturday, 10 April 2010


Lately i've been taking a lot of advice and tips off of the concept artist, Darren Fereday. He graduated from the same uni i'm at now and is now working in the industry. I bugged him a couple of days ago for some help and guidance and thankfully he's really gone out of his way to help me. He came into the studio today to have a painting sesh and we ended up working on the same image. He did most of the heavy lifting but i learnt alot about lighting, colour and how to use it to show form, etc. He came up with the inital sketch (top image) whilst me and John shouted silly ideas to put in. John came up with 'a giant robot fighting a flock of terrordactyles (spelling?) that are being summoned by a wizard. Then Darren tightened it up (middle image). I added the lava and made some changes to the robots design and made the wizard more tech based. Then i passed it back to Darren who tidied up the lava, added more detail, form and lighting to the robot. Then i added legs to the wizard and tried to pimp up his staff, and that was all we had time for (bottom image). It was great fun and i can't wait to do it again!
Oh yeah, the terrordactyles went by the wayside in the end.