Friday, 9 April 2010

Kratos The Cuddly

I'm a fan of the God of War games. I really enjoyed the first one have put off the second game until now. I'm hammering through it so I can get to the shiny new third installment. I mainly like it because it's a good mix of platform and puzzle action. It reminds me of Jak and Daxter (ace games!) at times and that got me thinking how it could be a cool game for younger players if they tamed it back a little. Take out all the horrid blood and gruesome kills and replace it with more cuddly designs and just have the bad guys puff into a cloud of coins or orbs when you kill them, tweak the story obviously (maybe even the name too) and the developers could have a recycled game for a whole new audience. Anyways, i am babbling. What i am trying to say is i have set myself a mini-project of redesigning the mighty Kratos (God of War's main character) if the game were for kids. It's mainly to give me something else to design since all the pre-prod on my film is long behind me :(. I may re-work some of the game's bad guys too if i find the time. The above is my first crack at it.
More on this soon.
P.S. As for those other images i promised to post today, they're still not exactly how i like them and i am thinking i'll hold back on them for a little while and post a whole bunch of stuff about the idea all at once.

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