Thursday, 15 April 2010

I Live In A Robot

Many of my non-existant die-hard fans may remember a post i did a while back called 'Warrick's Home' (16th of Feb, go refresh yourselves). Where to begin. This is that idea, slowly coming to light. I've been moaning to alot of people lately that i am getting sick of working on my film and during that 'sickness' i've been coming up with tons and tons of new ideas i want to work on, and i always want to start work on the most recent one. If i continue like this i'll never get anything done! So a few weeks back i put my foot down and said 'This is the idea i am going to follow through to the end (besides my film)'. It's called 'I Live In A Robot' and it is going to be a webcomic. It has evolved over the last few months from something that i was playing around with, then titled 'At War'. It's coming along quite nicely and at a calm pace. I have plotted out the entire story and today i have been working out the functionality and anatomy of the robot, so he can actually move and these movements make sense. This image was the last study i did of him today and i thought i'd make it into a rough little teaser poster. Nothing in the image is finalised, but it is on it's way. I'm kinda just blabbering away now, but this project will see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be the first large scale, personal (aka. non-uni related) project of mine to do so. I'm still going to be chipping away at other things (how many of you are sick of hearing of the 'Dream' project, ey?) but this is priority at the moment. I need to at least do it for myself.

They're closing up uni now, so i gotta go.


  1. Hurrah! Thanks! Me too! Some times i think i draw nothing else but robots. If you haven't already, you should check out Some sweet bots on there.