Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Above are the first thumbnail story boards i have done for my film (which i have just realised is still nameless). Even though they don't look like much, these are probably the toughest set i've done. I don't mean in drawing skill, these are just quick scribbles that i can barely make sense of myself. They were tough because i had a few scenes of the film planned out from the start and it was really hard to link them altogether and make them gel. In these cases i always find it best to just get any ideas down on paper and power through the boarding, even the scenes that i am not so sure on. This way then i have something tangible to work with rather than trying to figure it all out in my head and get the boards right first time. You're welcome to try and figure out the story from these but they're all jumbled and a lot of it is likely to change. I don't want to give the story away or risk having the idea stolen (i know it seems unlikely, but it could happen) so i doubt i'll be posting the final boards in full. Now it's time for first draft animatics!


edit: you can zoom in on the image if you click on it. A little magnifying glass appears.

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