Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bear Boy helps out...

Yep, more of the boy. I am getting really bored of doing these now, that's why they're quite rough and poor. But on the plus side i've got some ideas to work with now, i've just got to start thinking more about shape. These characters with the animal hats on came from a little character i've been drawing for years called 'bear boy' who is basically a kid with a little bear hat on, so i thought i'd put some elements of him to good use. I've really got to start thinking more about what sort of person the character is aswell. Bear Boy was always quite cutesy but the boy in my film (who is still nameless!!!!) is alot more independant. He can take care of himself and can have fun all by himself in his domain, the woods! I am sort of pushing this 'King of the Woods' thing with him. I think it's a nice contrast to the technological background that the robot comes from. Thats kind of why in the designs the characters are looking quite stern and cheesed off, because the boy didn't ask for and doesn't want this little robot coming along and messing with his life. Robots do not belong in the woods!

Quite a boring paragraph above there, but hey! Struggling with the jedi still, don't be surprised if i give up on it soon (quitting is what i do best) plus i may put up an image of the original Bear Boy soon, complete with cute-factor and his balloon.

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