Monday, 23 November 2009

"Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen..."

Those of you who know me well will know two things about me; a) i ridicule those who read manga and watch anime and b) i go through phases. Lots of phases! Recently i re-read my Scott Pilgrim collection and i don't think i'll ever stop being obsesessed with those books or the books creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley. In the back of Vol.3 he mentioned how he had gotten re-obsessed with manga whilst working on that volume and listed a few. I thought i'd check one out to see what inspires him and picked up one of the books he listed, DeathNote. It was brilliant! I couldn't put it down. And this stuff is cheap too (£3.50 for 200 pages on amazon!). So i've kind of been on a bit of a manga and anime phase lately. It kind of reminds me of my 'Try and read every issue of Uncanny X-Men ever printed' phase which was very short-lived. I've been watching Naruto and Bleach (luckily my house mate has tons of the stuff and knows which cruddy series to avoid) but i am trying to make sure i only read DeathNote before getting into any other manga series (the Bleach one looks amazing and was really tempting on my way home from uni today, but is it worth reading it after watching it?). With manga, i think i like it because it's just kind of nutty and fun and i really admire and respect the process and speed the creators go through to produce them and i'm looking at things that i can take from it to apply to my own work.

I know this shouldn't really be on my blog as my father kindly pointed out on my 'Bustin' Balls' post that it was not Drawed By Moi, but i can't really show the work i am doing at the moment and i miss posting stuff that nobody reads. I have been working on some other stuff too, not for uni, which i am hoping to show you soon, but i want to wait until it's done to avoid talking it up and then not finishing it and having nothing to show. But in the meantime...
....i have a house party yo co-host.

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