Tuesday, 10 November 2009

More Robots!

To try and help with the character design i decided to draw them side by side as thats how they will be most of the time through the film. I am kinda happy with the boy in this one, but that's not why he hasn't changed in this series of images. I was only changing the robot to see what sort of size he should be compared to the boy. I tried some slightly different shapes and i also did an extremely small bot and then extremely large, just to see if anything would come out from it. I do like the huge robot, but i get some sort of 'Mighty Joe Young/ King Kong' vibes off of him and don't think the design would fit the character's personality. That image kind of gives the impression that he is just there to protect the boy and that's not the story at all. I'm rambling again. I should be putting a similar post soon with the boy varying in size and posture, etc.

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