Monday, 2 November 2009

Poor Droid

Hey guys. Been working on this image and decided to post it whilst it's still in progress to try and get some feed back and tips. I am still working on it, but i always seem to get to the point where i feel i've gotten the idea across and then can't be bothered to polish it up, so any help i could get on polishing the image would be great. I didn't have a plan when i started it, just did about 3 or 4 thumbnails and felt this was the strongest, so i just went with it.


  1. I think you should leave it... Its really nice, subtly coloured, good silhouette etc. overworking it might ruin it :S

  2. Cheers Ol. Silhouettes are something i've been trying to improve on lately. I kinda like it as it is, but my main worry is bein accused of not being able to 'polish' and image.