Thursday, 12 November 2009

Silhouettes and a Test

So, above are some further character studies. I found a brush i liked in photoshop and just started doing these. These shapes came out naturally which is good because i think i am subconsciously finalising the design. I am pretty confident that i will be going with the robot with two eyes because i think i'll be able to display more emotion with them and get the audience to sympathise the character. And belwo is an After Effects test. I think i mentioned in an older post that i haven't used after effects in about three years and even then i wasn't very good. But basically, it's a test for the orientation video that will be shown to all the little robots before they are sent out into the world and i want it to have this 2D/3D thing going on.

I just remembered i still haven't explained the idea behind the story which i promise to do soon. But in the meantime, it's thursday, which means it's film quiz time at Cineworld! (Nerd!!)


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