Friday, 13 November 2009

Bustin' Balls

Ok, i know this isn't my work, but i just had to post this image. I've been re-reading my Scott Pilgrim collection (by Bryan Lee O'Malley, a God among men) and this image made me laugh just as much as it did the first time. The series is brilliant, unlike anything i've read before. Anyway in this picture Todd the evil vegan is having his twig and berries mashed up by Envy Adams as she finds out he's been cheating on her. I think this is probably the most accurate visual translation of what it feels like to be kicked in the nuts. Clearly O'malley has taking a few wellies to the stones himself, ha ha. It's being made into a movie starring Michael Cera, but you should read it before the movie gets a chance to be your first impression of the franchise. Also check out O'malley's site. Makes really good music under the name Kupek.

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